The Enchanted Island

Sardinia is a huge island—the second-largest in the Mediterranean—and larger, for example, than the whole of Wales. Is Benas Country Lodge is located about halfway up the west coast, on the Sinis Peninsula in the province of Oristano, one of the most dramatic and unspoiled parts of the island.

The area around Is Benas is a natural oasis of unspoiled beaches and vast lagoons with flocks of pink flamingos, of precious red coral, shipwrecks, cowrie shells, turtles, cormorants and dolphins. Civilisation after civilisation have left their intriguing remains here, stretching back to the mysterious prehistoric bastion-like nuraghi richly scattered throughout the island, and the ancient Phoenician site of Tharros, only a short drive from Is Benas.

About Sardinia

Sardinia is the second-largest island of Italy. It is rich in culture and culinary traditions, and has some of the best beaches in the Mediterranean.

The Sinis Peninsula

Is Benas Country Lodge is located on the Sinis Peninsula, a broad neck of land jutting into the Gulf of Oristano. It is bordered on the east and north by the large lagoons of Cabras, Pauli Murta, Sale Porcus and Is Benas.


Oristano may be one of Sardinia’s smallest provinces in terms of population, but it boasts some of the most dramatic and untouched scenery on the island.


The Sinis Peninsula has numerous fine beaches and spectacular views. We’ll tell you the best ones.

Map & Location

View a map showing the hotel’s location, with directions on how to reach us by car from Sardinia’s major airports.