Is Benas Country Lodge is located on the Sinis Peninsula, a wide strip of land bordering the Gulf of Oristano to the west; to the east and north lie the great lagoons of Cabras, Pauli Murtas, Sale Porcus and Is Benas.

Inhabited since the fifth millennium BC and through the Bronze and Iron Age, the area is rich in archaeological sites: the remains of the Neolithic village of Cuccuru is Arrius; the Giants of Monte Prama; a number of nuraghi, sentinel-like towers dominating low hills and representing the most important traces of the ancient civilisation of Sardinia; and the site of Tharros, a town founded by the Phoenicians around the eighth century BC, located on the narrow promontory of Capo San Marco.

Renowned for its wonderful views, the Sinis Peninsula offers a rich landscape of cultivated fields and beautiful beaches, such as Is Arutas, Putzu Idu, Mari Ermi, Sa Rocca Tunda and many others.

The Sinis Peninsula overlooks a Protected Marine Area and Mal di Ventre Island, famous for its Roman ruins. The Peninsula is a paradise for diving, birdwatching, hiking, biking and canoeing.

A serious attraction for golf lovers is the Is Arenas Golf Club, only 2 km from Is Benas Country Lodge, An 18-hole course with sand dunes, forest and water, and enjoying an exceptional climate, it provides a perfect opportunity for golfing in one of the finest golf courses in Europe.